Absorb your Health – A Review of this Wildly Popular Vitamin & Nootropic Company!

absorb your health review for nootropics

Absorb Health is one of the best Vitamin, Supplement and Noopept vendors out there because of their wide distribution network being the key reason for their success. Additionally, the company has a variety of product which includes Aniracetam, Adrafinil, and Phenibut just to name a few.

They officially call themselves Absorb Health EU limited and their headquarters is located in Manchester England. In the US, this company also has a fully-fledged branch.

Our Absorb Health Review

In a market that is flooded by dubious companies, Absorb Health separates itself from the rest with their track record of being able to remain in the market and work consistently in improving their products year after year. The company was founded back in 2011 by Josh Futon and has survived even up to the present, and even has flourished into having a kratom vendor jump onboard as well!

Josh has his own personal story regarding the conception and birth of Absorb Health. It all started back in 2011 when her wife fell ill. As they faced plenty of challenges with conventional healthcare, Josh observed the big gap that has been in existence especially in natural health product supply. That’s the time he decided to do an extensive study on the subject.

If that story still does not make you believe in the brand then it would maybe make more sense if we say that Absorb Health is aimed at improving the availability of dietary supplements that are naturally-sourced and are affordable as well. As the people behind the company puts it, they made a service that’s meant to respond to a real-world crisis which affects plenty of people.

At present, Absorb Your Health has expanded outside the UK and is now enjoying a wide market in North America. They claim that this accomplishment is due to their ability to meet the strict standards of GMP.

Assurance of Quality

Absorb Health takes third-party testing seriously and it’s a rare thing to see in a nootropic supplier. Yes!

They’re one of the few exceptions and they do so by requiring even their contract manufacturers to take third party testing for every product that they help produce.

Each product that they have has a COA (Certificate of Analysis) which means a lot to us because it’s a clear indication that Absorb Health is not like those shady companies out there who have problems with conflict of interest because they perform their own test on their products in-house.

Shipping and Customer Support

As a customer, you surely don’t want to deal with a company that does not take customer support seriously. What’s great with Absorb Heath is their resourceful customer support team which take their job to the next level. We’ve raised a good number of reactions and opinions about the company and we’ve received a response from some of them.

But back in 2016, the company has actually been subjected to a heavy load of criticism. Some board even questioned their quality of service. But most of the complaints they received were responded to when the CEO took to Reddit to ask for support in sharing feedback along with photo or video evidence that the company actually delivers well and complies with every set standard.

This act by the CEO of coming out and help address queries tells a big story about the company’s concern to its audience. It also conveys a clear message that the company puts the interest of the customers ahead in order to gain a valuable understanding of the challenges being faced in this aspect.


This vendor offers a wide selection of natural dietary supplements that are sold at a more affordable price. For example, a bottle which contains 30 Adrafinil capsules only costs $33. That means that you’re going to pay $1.1 for every pill which we think is a very competitive price you’ll ever find in the market.

The best thing about it is the 100% money-back guarantee which is provided by the company on every order that you do on all of their products. This means that if you don’t like the product that you receive from them, you will always have the freedom to contact them, inform them that you’ll ship it back so you can be refunded of your payment.

A company that stands firmly behind its product’s quality is one that is worth spending money on. They have a 90-day moneyback guarantee and we think that it’s going to take the company a long way in the effort to stand in their product’s reliability and value. And that’s a great thing!

The Marketing Model

This we think is the weakest aspect of Absorb Health. They have a marketing strategy that is somewhat over-the-top to the point that skeptics start to doubt the brand’s professionalism. But it isn’t a major issue especially to the company’s hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who have been using Absorb Health products for many years now. But of course, there will always be room for improvement especially on the aspect of marketing. In our view, as long as their product’s quality and the services that the company offers are not affected, it will be fair to at least give the company some sort of the benefit of the doubt.

Shipping and Returns

We’re really appreciative of the fact that the company offers a unique same-day shipping policy. So if you order today, you can expect it to be shipped a few moments after the order is placed. That means that you’re saving valuable time and you’re going to receive your order faster compared to other companies. Also, if you are purchasing an Absorb Health product from the U.S., your order is going to be shipped free of charge if you spend above $75 allowing you to get even more savings.

Every order is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee which starts at the time you place your order. Unfortunately, this means that if the product stays in transit for a longer period of time, you will no longer have enough time for testing then claim a refund in case you don’t like it.

Another thing that we really love is the company’s money-back guarantee for every product that the U.S. customs would seize. But they will not reimburse money for products that are lost in transit in the hands of foreign shipping firms due to different issues or if the product is seized by the customs in other countries.

The Pros and Cons

Listed below is a quick run-down of the company’s Pros and Cons.


  • Great product packaging
  • Awesome customer support
  • Ships orders almost instantly
  • Extensive branch network in the US and UK
  • Offers a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • They have a wide selection of nootropics supplement to choose from
  • Third-party tested products for your peace of mind.
  • COAs for all of their products


  • Not that good marketing strategy
  • Not really clear if the company actually has an in-house lab.


There’s no perfect company in existence today or have ever existed in the past. What’s important is that the good aspects actually weighs more than the bad ones. That’s what we think about Absorb Health. They’ve been in the market for almost a decade now and that’s a long time when compared to other younger companies. That goes a long way to prove that they’re really serious with their business.

And to top it all up, the company offers a money-back guarantee which gives customers more assurance that they’re going to get the product they’re looking for or get the money returned in case it does not live up to their expectation. So we have nothing but a two thumbs up for Absorb Health!

Elisabeth A Siffron
Elisabeth Siffron is currently studying and Researching Molecular Biology, Epigenetic Reprogramming and Bioinformatics. She Writes for her on her Spare time and Enjoys digging into the Complexity of Vitamins, Supplements, Anti-Aging and Nootropic Research that is currently being tested in labs and around the world.

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