Best Kratom Vendors of 2021 Reviewed- Here’s our Top Picks!

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* This article has been updated to show all the latest Vendors that are still around – We’ve lost quite a few good vendors last year, but there are some online vendors that seem to be consistent and still in business!

The number of people who are using Kratom is increasing each day and as this rise in trend continues, finding good dealers online becomes harder.

A lot of Kratom shops out there claim to sell products that are legitimate but our research shows that most of them actually are not.

That’s precisely the reason why we want to present only the good Kratom dealers online in this article.

By filtering out the bad ones including those that sell products which were good at first but decreased in quality over time, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re only consuming goodness every single day.

Avoiding substandard Kratom is really essential for your health and wellness and if you’re having a hard time sifting out which online shop to purchase from, we’ve compiled 7 of the best ones here.

We’re not getting paid for doing this because all we want is to give our readers the best information out there.

Our dedicated team has done the research for you and we’ll make sure to get this information updated each month. Here are the top 7 Kratom shops for this month of April!

Here’s the Best Kratom Vendors & Sellers of 2021:

1. Bulk Kratom Now – (Top Bulk Vendor)


Today, we go to this Colorado-based vendor that is only selling Kratom products. They started in the market back in 2015 and they’ve been trying to offer high-quality products to ensure full customer satisfaction since then. They do so by offering same-day shipping along with a money back guarantee. They even ship products for free (if purchasing 1KG or more) all over the United States.

They’ve got a website that is easy to navigate and browsing Kratom products based on its origin country and strain is also made a breeze.

They have strains coming from Malaysia, Bali, and Borneo and you can also purchase Maeng Da, Horned, and even order live plants if you want to grow the plant yourself.

The most interesting part is the section that is dedicated for their best-selling products.

In it, you can see what some users consider the best Kratom that is offered by the vendor. In case you like their products, you can place order in their online shop in just a few minutes.

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2. TGM Shop

Our team has done extensive research this month especially in the light of the pandemic that’s spreading around the world and we’ve found that this is the best and most Reputable Online Kratom Vendor by far. The TGM Shop has been able to deliver our most recent order and our tests have revealed that they’re good as always.

They are very honest about the amount of Kratom that they send in every shipment and their product is simply legit! Our tests included a comparison with Kratom from other sellers and their’s was the best!

We didn’t expect that they’d have great quality Kratom compared to the more expensive competitors but actual tests have proved our negative expectations wrong. Even if their products are up 2 times lower in pricing then other sellers, the quality of their Kratoms is not put into any compromise.

We are sure about this because they are fairly new in the market and they’re still trying to establish a good reputation.

Aside from high-quality Kratom products, this vendor also offers some attractive deals and loyalty points to their customers that give up to 10% discount if you purchase from them repeatedly.

And we’re proud to say that they are our main Kratom supplier so we make big orders from them which they offer complements for via free delivery.

But if your order amounts to $49 and above, you’ll be able to enjoy free delivery so you won’t need to get bulk orders from them like we do.

Our entire research and testing team agrees that TGM us the best vendor this month. We’ve been doing orders from them for quite some time now and we can say that there’s not a single negative thing we’ve found. And surveys performed by users also reveal the same thing.

Note: We’re going to continue purchasing from this vendor every month and get the information in this article updated regularly.

If you want to try our recommendation and get your Kratom supply from TGM, please let us know what you think about their products so your readers will know where to get legit Kratom from.

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3. Mitragaia Kratom – Great Products But Decreased in Quality Over Time

This vendor has been our second top pick for several months and they even ranked # 1 a couple months back but TGM was able to overtake them because of the quality of their products in the two orders that we got from them.

Metragaia was established back in 2015 with the name Gaia Kratom and has risen into popularity as one of the most reputable sellers in the market. They are based in Jacksonville Florida but they do shipping through the entire United States.

You can find Kratom capsules, extracts, and powders from them with a selection of products coming from different strains. Aside from selling Kratoms to individual customers, they also offer wholesale deals for stores who want to retail them and even for smoke shops wanting to offer Kratom.

They are proud of their same-shipping offer and they also accept returns and give refunds for unopened packages. This vendor claims to have over 5 million online reviews which is a sign that they’re really doing a great job.

Finding your way around the Mitragaia website is really easy because of the simple layout that it has. The process of ordering is also straightforward and you can always contact them in case you’ve got questions in mind.


4. SoCal Kratom

SoCal Kratom is on the fourth spot of our list if we base everything in popularity and they are also selling good quality products. However, this quality has decreased over time and the once great products that they had which really impressed us failed to do so now. However, their products are still considerable nowadays but for this vendor, it’s not the best based on our tests.

The company takes the full name of SoCal Herbal Remedies and they don’t only sell Kratom but also other herbal based products that boost health and improve your overall wellness. They have herbal teas, soaps, essential oils, kava, even apparel in their product line.

When we talk about their Kratom, it is going to be obvious that they don’t have a wide selection to choose from. Their offer is limited because you can only choose herbal extracts which can be used for preparing tea but you can choose from several different options.

SoCal Herbal Remedies is headquartered in California and they claim to offer only top-quality products at prices that are fair. They’ve got partners around the world in their network which supplies fresh kratom and other herbal raw materials which they use in making their remedies. You’ll get fast shipping along with timely response whenever you send questions to their customer support department.


5. Herbal Salvation Kratom

This vendor really fought hard to get the sixth place in our list of best Kratom sellers and we can say that they did a good job with it. It even had the chance of making it to the fifth but their prices just wasn’t comparable with the quality of their Kratom products which is why they made it to the lower spot. But still, they’re one of the best out there!

Again, this is a company that does not only focus in selling Kratom products and that isn’t a bad thing that should be counted against them especially when their many years in the industry is taken into account.

They started back in 2012 as a vendor that focuses on hemp products and other forms of alternative medicine. Through the years, they were able to expand their business to selling other herbal based products like teas, tinctures, soaps, lotions, scrubs, and many others.

In terms of Kratom, you’ll be able to fund strains that come from different sources in Asia including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. They claim that their Kratom products are harvested from the jungle and are packaged in facilities that are GMP verified. To ensure that their products are only of the highest quality, Herbal Salvation does their own tests upon receiving their orders from their suppliers abroad.

The company does filtering of their products according to import location and strain. Their product page also gives a detailed description of every product across several package sizes. But they seem to only focus on selling to individual customers but you can always contact them if you want to try wholesale deals with them.


All in all, there’s a lot of choices for finding the Best Kratom Vendors & Sellers online and we’ve narrowed down the search for you! We Highly Recommend the TGM or Bulk Kratom Now – They are fully tested and backed by history and trust!

Good luck!




Denise Smith

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