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Cerebral Health claims to specialize in the studies, manufacturing and development of top quality nootropic supplements for cognitive benefits. Based at Stuart City, Florida, USA, the company has a biomedical lab facility located in a life sciences research groups which include ‘The Scripps Research Institute’ and ‘The Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience.’

However, whenever you browse the internet to gain some information about Cerebral Health, what you’ll mostly get is negative reviews. The most prominent talked about topic regarding Cerebral Health is its issues with the FDA.

Various forums like Reddit are quite vocal about the warning letter which the FDA issued to Cerebral Health in 2011. The letter explicitly stated that the products produced by the firm weren’t in compliance with the standards of the FDA.

Following is the link to the warning letter issued by the FDA on May 23, 2011:


Following is the summary of the complaints which the FDA levied against Cerebral Health:

  • The company failed to ascertain product specifications for purity, identity, power, and composition of the finished consignments.
  • The company failed to offer an accurate manufacturing record for each shipment.
  • The company did not provide the quality control processes of their products, in written.
  • The company failed to carry out any purity tests regarding the identity of the sourced products.
  • The company failed to prepare any production-related accounts.

According to the warning letter, the FDA charged Cerebral Health as guilty of not complying with the standards set by it. The charges were specifically about the quality of their products. Cerebral Health also didn’t maintain records on each consignment which they produced. Although both of these are rather bureaucratic obligations, these are the conditions set up by the law.

The nootropic community, however, appeared very concerned when the news circulated about the charges levied against Cerebral Health. The most disturbing part was their failure to perform any purity tests regarding the identity of the sourced products. According to the FDA complaint, it seemed that the firm ordered different substances from diverse suppliers. After that, they mixed the chemicals to develop their supplements.

Cerebral Health also didn’t conduct any purity testing or even hired any 3rd party for the same purpose. They also didn’t carry out any gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) assessments. Such tests are necessary to ensure that the clients are buying real nootropic supplements instead of some other chemicals.

Reddit followers performed some investigations and found that it wasn’t the first time the FDA issued such letter to Cerebral Health. Back in 7th of January 2010, the FDA had already issued complaints against the firm. Following is the link to the complaint letter:


The complaint letter specifically targeted the marketing techniques used by Cerebral Health to promote their products. According to the FDA, the curative claims on their website confirmed that their products were drugs. These intended to treat, alleviate, heal, or prevent the onset of various diseases.

However, despite all these issues with the FDA, Cerebral Health apparently is still doing business and selling their products. We sincerely believe that the company has been able to come in compliance with the FDA standards. They have many supporters who have been rooting for them, which prove that the firm is still in business. Some news reported in 2012 even hinted that Cerebral Health passed its 2nd FDA assessment with great success.

However, in 2014, a report published on Reddit again raised a finger at the company. The report warned all nootropic users not to trust Cerebral Health anymore. According to this report, even though the firm passed their 2nd FDA testing, they shipped mislabeled products to their clients. As a result, some of the clients had to visit the emergency room.

Till date, Cerebral Health didn’t issue any official statement to counter this report. Following is the link to the Reddit report published in 2014:


We advise all nootropic users to perform thorough research on each nootropic vendors before placing their orders. You can visit various nootropic forums like Reddit or longeCity to seek guidance, as well as share your doubts and experiences.

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