Go Cubes

Go Cubes

Don’t be fooled by their appearance; although you could pass them in a grocery store aisle and mistake them for Brillo pads or bars of compost heap, Go Cubes are actually a bold nootropic for all you chicks and bros who don’t have time to brew. Made in Silicon Valley, Go Cubes come from Nootrobox, a company that wants you guys and gals on the go to have “chewable coffee” that you can take anywhere without worrying about grounding java beans or burning your lips on an impossibly hot cup o’ joe.

Billed as “the future of coffee,” Go Cubes are nootropic gummies that come in easy to carry packages of four with each cube representing half a cup of coffee (50 mg of caffeine). The R & D (Research & Development) of Nootrobox’s team resulted in a formulation that reduces the jitteriness typically associated with caffeine intake, substituting ingredients which produce “the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea,” making for a “steady, focused feel.”

Go Cubes’ Rep

So what’s the 411 about Go Cubes on the street? Nootropics enthusiasts are diggin’ it, man! Even some legit news outlets have gotten behind it. A writer for Business Insider tested them out for a week and had this to say about them: “I’m not a morning person…I felt alert and energized as the cubes started to kick in, but no side effects like a pounding heart.”

As this writer noted in the title of her review, she is “almost convinced chewable energy is the future.” But she has her reservations and these are worth considering. Throughout the piece she complains of the bitter taste of the cubes, a taste she does not seem to grow accustomed to as her week-long research moves forward.

By day two, she has suffered a stomach ache and while she doesn’t directly blame Go Cubes for inducing this gastrointestinal distress, she does reference it nonetheless. It seems like cause for alarm for those of us who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine and other supplements. On the flip side, you’ve gotta ask yourself, If coffee and the like gives me a case of the trots, why am I drinking (or, at least in this case, eating) it? Am I a freakin’ masochist?

Moving on, by day five of this writer’s Go Cubes experience, the stomach problems had passed and she now felt adequately energized. By day six, she had figured out what the bitter taste was all about. The darker cubes, mocha and pure drip cubes, produced the more bitter flavor while the ligther cubes, namely latte cubes, were more mild and more to her liking. This is interesting to note for those of us that are sensitive to a strong blend.

Overall, Business Insider’s Lydia Ramsey had a positive experience with Go Cubes and ended her piece by saying that the cubes had a number of benefits, including cost; she breaks down the cost of a 20-count box to $2.95 per day for four cubes, acknowledging its cost effectiveness when compared to buying a $4 latte at a commercial coffee shop. She even says that she’ll be packing Go Cubes if she decides to go hiking or whenever she needs a quick burst of energy.

But that’s just one person, Go Cubes is getting good face from all sorts of folks, including professional bloggers, some of whom have called it “Red Bull in a cube,” Redditors who have been vocal about wanting Go Cubes to be a thing since Nootrobox first set their crowdfunding page up, and Amazon customers who have given it five stars and raved about its novelty, its price and its ability to provide “laser focus.”

What’s In This?

Go Cubes are formulated from cold-brew coffee and a pectin base. Pectin is a naturally-occurring substance found in fruits. It is often combined with sugar to create a thickening. This appears to be the case with Go Cubes as it results in a gelatinous base that gives the cubes their gummy texture and pleasant mouthfeel.

Aside from the cold brew, Go Cubes’ chief ingredients are:

  • L-Theanine
  • Glucurono-lactone
  • Vitamin B 3
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B 6
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Inositol

L-Theanine and caffeine are a great combination as they improve information processing speed, attention and alertness.

Vitamin B 6 has been proven to positively affect cognitive functioning and is used to treat a host of cognitive disorders. It is found to be helpful to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s as well as others suffering from mental impairment. This is due to its micronutrient status. It is for this reason that it is a worthy substance to stack with caffeine and L-Theanine. Whereas straight up caffeine can cause headaches in persons who drink too much coffee, Vitamin B 6 can prevent or abate headaches from cropping up.

Glucuronolactone’s presence in Go Cubes acts as a built-in detoxifier, flushing out toxins in your bloodstream via urination. These toxins accumulate due to a number of factors, including stress and exhaustion. Glucuronolactone is bioavailable and improves one’s mood when sleep deprived.

Aside from sounding like something a petulant child would utter when refusing to sit down or form a complete sentence, Inositol is an essential ingredient to the Go Cubes formula. It is effective as an anti-anxiety substance, a mood enhancer and a memory booster. It is also a natural PMS reliever that is good for productivity, stress management and learning aptitude.

Scientists have noted that all of our vital neurotransmitters rely heavily on Inositol. There is also reason to believe that Inositol could be instrumental in alleviating or outright nullifying depression.

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Actually, Papa’s got three! Go Cubes come in three delectable and decadent flavors. Users can choose between the traditional Pure Drip, the rich and bold Mocha or the light and frothy Latte. Go Cubes come as a mixed bag with all varieties included in your four pack.


How many Go Cubes you consume depends on how much coffee you typically drink in a work day. Each cube represents half a cup of coffee. If you are a casual coffee drinker, you may want to start by eating no more than two to three Go Cubes at a time.

No significant side effects have cropped up from Go Cubes usage, so pop these tiny squares in your mouth and emancipate your mind.

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