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In the ugly age in which we find ourselves, there is no shortage of reasons to develop a case of the blues. With jobs in short supply, people lose confidence, lose money and, in some cases, lose homes. Marriages fail, start-ups fail, engines fail, bills pile up, politics make us all nuts and the world continues to murder itself (see: pollution and Global Warming).

We have all found ourselves in the doldrums, that much is irrefutable. But some of us suffer from forms of clinical and/or chronic depression. Depression comes in what you could call a variety pack—there’s manic depression (or bipolar disorder), a condition defined by its violent mood swings and acute highs (mania) and lows (severe depressive state); then there are others such as affective seasonal disorder, a periodic depressive condition that occurs during the same point in time annually, and results in changes in appetite, extreme fatigue, sadness, sleep deprivation, weight gain and excessive sleepiness.

We’ve all found ourselves in that state where a giant spatula couldn’t scrape us off of our bed. For some, this condition is a daily occurrence and one that they must battle in order to live any semblance of a life. For a number of years, depression was treated by big pharma with a number of potentially dangerous prescription drugs, most all of them synthetic serotonin-reuptake inhibitors.

You had Zoloft which can cause paresthesia, diarrhea, hypouricemia, abdominal pain, vomiting and diaphoresis. You know, because people always feel less depressed when the arm pit area of their shirt looks like a clown just hosed them down with soda water. Then there’s Prozac, the drug favored by people who enjoy slow walks on the beach accompanied by cotton mouth, jelly roll and lizard skin.

There are tons of mainstream SNRIs (Serotonin-norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors) that are regularly implemented to treat depression. What the establishment doesn’t tell you is that mainstream antidepressants are actually making us worse. According to a study documented in the British Medical Journal, a study based on more than 60,000 pages of clinical documentation, antidepressants double the risk for suicidality in kids. And what’s more, big pharma has known this and kept this from us all along.

The pharmaceutical companies have covered up suicides, misreported deaths, written these incidents off as “worsening of depression” and “emotional liability.” So you have to ask yourself, do I really trust these people to treat my depression? If the answer is no, you’re not doomed. All is not lost. There are options and, unlike the mainstream antidepressants on the market, they aren’t all synthetic.

Experts have discovered a multitude of all-natural compounds that can help to curb or even eliminate your depression. The following substances are now available in supplement form and are readily available from online vendors.


Said to be one of the most powerful nootropics on the market, Noopept is a potent peptide neuroprotectant which swiftly crosses the blood-brain barrier and goes to work, promoting neuron health in the brain and boosting your mood. It has a reputation as a powerful motivator and stress reliever. As any doctor will tell you, regular exercise is also key to better mental health. Well, Noopept has got your back; like a metaphorical spotter, Noopept enables better memory retrieval and motivation, and is wildly popular among the athletic community for these reasons.


This extract from East Asian tea leaves is widely known for its anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties. 250 mgs of this natural wonder drug can offer a highly relaxing effect. Not only will it contribute to you chilling out but it also aids in protecting your heart and is rumored to be helpful in cancer patients.


By effecting serotonin and dopamine, Adrafinil acts as a wakefulness agent, allegedly promoting productivity. But readers are urged to take proper precautions when approaching Adrafinil as a supplement for depression as it is much stronger than the other supplements on this list, and comes with a number of potential side effects. They include vomiting, diarrhea and an increase in liver enzyme levels after long-term use.


World-renowned for its mood-boosting abilities, Aniracetam causes the user to feel an uptake in positive energy, stimulation, focus and concentration. This fat soluble compound has also proved to be effective at instilling motivation in the user, a benefit that is a real boon to those of us who are too depressed to pry ourselves from our mattress. As with Adrafinil it should be used with care as it is a drug from the racetam family and can cause a number of stimulant-related side effects.


A choline uptake enhancer, Coluracetam was developed for the purpose of treating Alzheimer’s disease. After the pharmaceutical company responsible for its synthesis saw that it lacked efficacy in this area, further testing was done, testing that concluded it was useful for those suffering from co-morbid major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorders.


Regarded as a tranquilizer, Phenibut processes a neurotransmitter that regulates the user’s mood. By stimulating dopamine, it can improve motivation, happiness and attentiveness. Of all the nootropics to come out of Russia, this Soviet Space drug has the best rep for vanquishing anxiety and inducing a calm.


Widely embraced as an antidepressant nootropic, Sulbutiamine works by exerting a positive influence on dopamine activity. It has magnificent mood enhancing properties and heightens the user’s level of alertness. A synthetic iteration of thiamine (Vitamin B1), Sulbutiamine helps with the production of acetylcholine and can dissolve in fats.

The Reddit community has even posted about the awesome euphoric effect experienced while taking Sulbutiamine. One Redditor said that his depression was cured and achieved a “clean euphoric high.” He also noted that unlike most stimulants, Sulbutiamine offered no common side effects like jitters or restlessness.
There are many nootropics out there that can help you. It’s up to you to get online and suss out the supplement that will put a smile on your face. Remember, nootropics are but one of the ways you can maintain a happy and healthy mind and body. Be sure to pair your nootropics with an active lifestyle and an antioxidant-rich diet. As always, be safe, be smart and emancipate your mind.

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