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As men, we don’t like to admit when our mojo is in question. We’re threatened by the idea that we could ever be affected by a decreased libido or struck with a case of whiskey dick. “Not me,” we say. “I don’t know about you, but I ain’t got no problem downstairs.”

The ugly truth, of course, is that sexual dysfunction is something that the vast majority of men in the world will experience at least several times over the course of their life. The Cleveland Clinic found that 52 percent of men experience ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in their lifetime – even those using sexual lubricants during intimacy. Most common cases occur in men over forty years of age, but they’re not the only ones.

For you college students out there, your every kegger may kick your cockadoodledoo in the dirt. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause limpness in the nether regions due to dilation and relaxation of the blood vessels in your valley of love. What’s more, long-term use is linked to irreversible nerve damage to your dong. Consider that before you play your fourth round of beer pong.

And before you go thinking that the odds are in your favor (“That’ll never happen to me, I’ve got stamina for days!”), studies have found that ED may afflict one in every four guys. That’s the extended family of Johnsons right there.


Erectile dysfunction is not the only sexual issue men suffer from either. Impotence, low libido, low sperm count and lack of confidence are all things that affect a gaggle of guys, most of whom are probably too embarrassed or too pigheaded to admit it, to others or even to themselves. You’re probably thinking that I’m talking strictly about dudes with tiny instruments, but for every dude who has to painfully say to his date, “I’m a grower, not a shower,” there are a wealth of plump wieners out there that have their own hurdles to get over.

I once had a friend with an above-average size member, but he refrained from having sex more often than not because he was humiliated by the reaction his curved penis received with his then-girlfriend. “She says it hurts her,” he said. This same dude told me that he could experience no real enjoyment from the act of sex. Despite turning out the lights to make him feel more comfortable, his girlfriend—and many others he had slept with—could not get him off.

The problem he was experiencing was something called Male Orgasmic Disorder. Approximately 10 percent of men report suffering from MOD. Another 5 percent are afflicted with Delayed Ejaculation which can probably speak for itself. If you’ve never experienced Delayed Ejaculation, imagine the worst fellatio you have ever received and your subsequent utterance to your partner: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

There are tons of conditions and issues that can pester your pecker. This is to say nothing of Retarded Ejaculation, a rare and misunderstood conundrum that’s probably every bit as challenged as its namesake. The point is, guys got penile issues, for good or ill. Whether you have body dysmorphia or erectile dysfunction holding you back from closing the deal, nootropics are here to help you reclaim your manhood.

So let’s get it on!



This potent substance has developed a firm reputation for causing an uptake in blood concentration of Dopamine. This influx of Dopamine provides the user with the ability to experience arousal. This boosts a person’s sex drive.


Anyone who has ever gone “rolling” on MDMA (Ecstasy, Molly, etc.) can tell you that serotonin is linked to sensations of euphoria. Inositol works to produce serotonin which aids in stress reduction and an uptake in libido. By improving sleep and reducing anxiety, Inositol ensures you will be well rested and experience more vitality.


This amino acid derivative is a sexual powerhouse; its properties unlock energy and focus that can give you the stamina to perform like a conjugal karate master.


This extract of the Pausinystalia tree has earned a rep for being a robust aphrodisiac. By relaxing muscles in your man bulge, it permits more blood to flow to your flesh pencil. It is also a terrific source for improved focus and motivation, making it the perfect supplement for learning and implementing new tricks in the sack.

Ginko Biloba & Ginseng

Some claim that these two substances can work in tandem to embolden one’s libido, but approach these two with care. In my personal experience, the sundry supposed benefits of this drug never manifested. In addition to its alleged ability to strengthen your mojo game, this combination is also said to relieve fatigue and produce energy and motivation. After taking it for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I saw no results and failed to experience any sense of enhanced arousal or vitality.


This prevalent nootropic drug fortifies your libido due to its effect on your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It is often paired with Citicoline and Alpha-GPC to promote a strong libido.

Perhaps the greatest thing about these supplements is their lack of dangerous side effects. Unlike Viagra and other prescription sex drugs, you are unlikely to experience blurred vision or tachycardia while taking them.

It must be said here that the above drugs do not treat or cure ED (Erectile Dysfunction) nor are there any guarantees that they will improve libido in those afflicted with ejaculatory problems. For ED treatment options, users are advised to consult a licensed urologist. It also bears mentioning that a post on Longe City claims that steady nootropic use over a two-year period may lead to erectile dysfunction. Use with care, but as always, emancipate your mind and your manhood.

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