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An Overview

Selank is a heptapeptide which is a derivative of tetra-peptide Tuftsin. The human body produces Tuftsin naturally which comes with a broad range of benefits. The Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Science initially synthesized Selank during the late 1990’s. Stage III clinical tests were quite successful in Russia. At present, they are preparing to release the drug for human use.

It is one of the latest substances to create a buzz among the nootropic community. It comes with many anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) effects. Selank is a precursor to the tetrapeptide known as Tuftsin. This tetrapeptide can efficiently improve and transform your immune system.

The chemical composition of It is quite similar to Semax, a prescription medicine. The same Russian Institute manufactures both of these drugs. In Ukraine and Russia, Semax is presently legal for human consumption. According to various studies and many users, Selank is more potent compared to Semax.

Selank comes with anxiolytic effects which can help to cure various phobic and anxiety-related disorders without any side effects. Selank can assist in the treatment of general anxiety, tension, fear and depression.

Many users take Selank for off-label purposes, such as boosting focus, improving cerebral energy and increasing memory. It can also help to enhance concentration, and improve brain sharpness and learning aptitude. Typically, the first remarkable results of Selank consumption are better mood and a sensation of well-being. 

How Does It Work?

Various studies are still underway to comprehend Selanks mechanism of action. Many neuroscientists believe that Selank’s effects are due to the discharge of endorphins into the body. In technical words, the Selank supplement stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters into your system.

These neurotransmitters also aid in regulating appetite and influencing your sleep cycles. The deficiency in these neurotransmitters can result in increased stress, appetite loss and sleep troubles.

Selank also regulates the absorption of monoamine neurotransmitters and stimulates the Serotonin metabolism. Neuroscientists believe that Selank could even control the activities of BDNF (Brain-derived Neurotropic Factor).


Among the primary instant benefits of It, which most users would experience, is better and steady mood. The use of Selank can result in gratification and happiness. The effects of this drug are calming and there are no adverse side effects. Many users experienced improved cerebral energy, better memory and enhanced cognitive abilities.

Patients with the condition called anhedonia might also benefit from Selank use. It’s a condition where patients are not able to feel pleasure. Such a condition often occurs due to the use of drugs which contain amphetamines. Amphetamines tend to influence the functioning of the pleasure points of your brain. Selank can aid in the restoration of the proper functions of this part of your brain.

For all nootropic users, It comes with numerous other benefits. These benefits include decreased anxiety issues, such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Various clinical studies of Selank suggest the following advantages: 

  • Superior learning aptitude and memory processes
  • Better sensory awareness
  • Improved curiosity
  • Enhanced mental concentration
  • Regulation of the activities of noradrenergic and serotonergic brain systems.
  • Decreased anxiety and stress levels.
  • Better antiviral functioning without any adverse side effects.
  • Improved cerebral energy
  • Better and steady mood as well as feelings of gratification and happiness.
  • Potential reversal of anhedonia (which means restoration of pleasure feelings in your brain)
  • Potential reinstatement of the activities of the catecholaminergic system after impairment caused by drug abuse. 

Side Effects

It is a low toxicity drug which comes with almost zero side effects. The drug is usually safe and well-tolerated by its users. Various clinical trials reported no drug interactions, allergic reactions or any dependence or withdrawal symptoms.

However, this drug might affect users in diverse ways, therefore caution is essential at all times. Some users feel that Selank overdose could cause fatigue. Further studies are still ongoing to uncover the risks associated with the drug.

Selank Dosage

Presently, Selank isn’t available in pill form, which means users can’t take it orally. Selank is a peptide which would get hydrolyzed and broken down into amino acids in your gut. If you buy lyophilized (freeze dried) Selank powder, it’s usually stable for three months. However, it requires constant refrigeration.

Currently, there are two ways of taking Selank nootropic: intranasal (nasal spray) and intravenously (through injection). Lyophilized Selank powder will need reconditioning with Bacteriostatic water before becoming appropriate for intranasal or injection usage.

Neuroscientists recommend that it’s better for users to begin with a lower Selank dosage and slowly increase its levels. Various studies suggest that the nasal spray (intranasal) is nearly nine times more potent compared to injections. According to these studies, the nasal spray can cross the blood-brain barricade much faster. 

Intranasal Selank dosage (more potent):

  • Daily Dosage: 400 mcg to 9 mg.
  • Duration: Minimum ten days to as long as required.
  • Daily dosage frequency: Divide into three dosages all through the day.

Injection Selank dosage (less potent):

  • Daily Dosage: 250 mcg to 3 mg
  • Duration: Minimum ten days to as long as required.
  • Daily dosage frequency: One lower dose injection daily and two higher injection dosages. Divide the dosages between morning and late noontime.

Is Selank Legal?

You can buy It online. However, in the US, Selank products are available for clinical trials or laboratory studies only. The FDA does not recommend it for human use.


If you wish to try the newest nootropics currently available in the market then It is an excellent option. The same Russian Institute manufactures both Selank and Semax. It is already overshadowing Semax where cognitive benefits are concerned. The Selank benefits include decreased anxiety disorders, better mood, and anhedonia treatment.
Although Selank costs a bit more, its anxiolytic effects tend to last for a longer duration. Various studies suggest that the cognitive benefits of Selank continued for a week after taking a single dose. Selank drops can significantly improve the quality of life of patients with anhedonia.

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