Top 5 Nootropic Stimulants

Nootropic Stimulants

Many people use stimulants to make them function well every day. Stimulants can be as simple as your regular coffee or as complex as a potent drug with side effects. While coffee is a good stimulant, many people also choose those prescribed by doctors.

Nootropic stimulants are useful if staying motivated and focused is your main goal. Fortunately, several nootropics have stimulating properties with less side effects. That said, here are five of the most stimulating nootropic supplements that you can find in the market.



This is a really popular stimulant among nootropic users. It has similar effects as the prescription drug named Modafinil. However, unlike the prescription drug, Adrafinil is one, which you can legally purchase even without prescription. It serves as a powerful stimulant for your central nervous system. It prevents fatigue while also boosting wakefulness and energy.

However, note that the benefits of this supplement don’t only focus on fighting sleepiness. It also has positive effects in enhancing motivation, reaction time and mood. The supplement also has several cognitive benefits. These include better focus and learning capacity and improved memory.


This potent nootropic is also popular for its stimulating effects. That’s the reason why many consider it as the most useful legal alternative to Adderall, which has addictive properties. Phenylpiracetam is so stimulating that it can improve your learning ability, memory and mood. It also promotes higher level of motivation while reducing anxiety.

One advantage of this supplement is that it performs all these functions without harmful side effects. No need to worry about getting addicted to it. Provided you take it at the recommended dose of 100-600 mg daily, you can maximize its benefits without side effects.



Containing both amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, both of which can stimulate the central nervous system, Adderall is definitely stimulating. Its stimulating effects can reach your nerves and brain, thereby contributing to impulse control and hyperactivity. The components of this supplement can also tap into your sympathetic nervous system. This makes it effective in promoting alertness, focus and mental clarity.

However, take note that Adderall has a strong potential for addiction. This is the main reason why you need to be extra cautious when taking it. Stick to the recommended dose. This will prevent you from becoming one of those who got addicted to the supplement.


Noopept is one of the most flexible nootropics considering its ability to perform several functions. Aside from working to improve your cognitive functions, it also manages your mood and prevents anxiety. It produces pleasant and happy feelings. It offers similar benefits to other stimulants. These include improved mood and focus, lower anxiety level, and improved learning, memory and motivation. The fact that it’s not addictive and has minimal side effects also makes it a good and safe choice.


This is another famous choice among those searching for the best nootropic stimulants. Aniracetam does not only improve cognition. It also enhances your mood and reduces anxiety. It is eight times more potent than other nootropics. It can also boost your creativity, improve brain functions and sharpen your vision. It’s so stimulating that you can use it if you want to develop your social confidence.

However, note that it only has short-lived effects – around one to three hours only. You can deal with this minor flaw by taking the recommended dose two to three times daily. This aids in prolonging its positive and stimulating effects.

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