Review is a Toronto-based website that receives more than 100,000 monthly visitors. Advertised as a “health tracker,” TrackMyStack acts as a multi-function portal for patients and their health care providers to manage their health.

As a one-stop shop platform, TrackMyStack offers its users a place to document their medical and supplement intake, calculate periods, track supplements and stack combinations of said supplements that work well in tandem with one another.

Despite being featured on Fox, Lifehack and Blogs.NaturalNews, amongst others, TrackMyStack’s web design is far from prestigious. The large font size and minimalist page style suggests an amateurish scam site. This is not to say that TrackMyStack isn’t legit, just that those running the site may consider a visual overhaul.

Regardless of the lackluster look, TrackMyStack is a well-regarded service with one web watchdog saying that it is a great new tool to help its users to make “informed decisions” about their health and wellness.

TrackMyStack is also a sort of peer-to-peer site where one can share their progress within the online community, reaching others who want to meet goals while keeping track of their supplement ingestion. The site is also touted for its building of the ultimate catalog of the best stacks out there.

Among the most enticing offerings on the site, particularly among fans of nootropics, are the “Study-Focus-Recall” stack and the “Basic Energy Stack.” The Basic stack consists of Choline Bitartrate, L-Theanine, Fish Oil, Caffeine, Oxiracetam, Piracetam, Tyrisone (4-hydroxyphenylalanine) and L-argenine. TrackMyStack promotes this stack as possessing the power to “clear brain fog” and increase mental performance. The “Study-Focus-Recall” stack, on the other hand, boasts of being the “best/most powerful stack.” It consists of 250 mg of Alpha GPC, 300 mg of Adrafinil and 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam.

As a blossoming dot com, TrackMyStack is doing an excellent job of getting its brand out there across multiple social media platforms. It has a firm Alexa rating and a strong presence on everything from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and beyond. Their social media pages draw fledglings into the fold with videos, hashtags and more, and the site itself regularly adds updates to its stack pages, elaborating on the feedback they are receiving from active visitors and users.

Because TrackMyStack is still in its infancy, there is very little known about the site and its creators. GlassDoor, for instance, has no available information about company salaries or positions. even estimates their net worth at only $168.00, a figure that is no doubt erroneous but goes far toward confirming how young and untested the company really is.

But the site is growing thanks to the support of nootropic enthusiasts. They are getting their name out there, on social media and in blogs. Users are spreading the word that TrackMyStack is the site to use to “keep nutrition aligned for an optimized mind.” Their easy-to-use if oddly minimal interface makes it possible to multitask when it comes to your supplement needs and concerns. In summation, is a valuable new tool for health management.

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