Understanding Phenibut Dosage


As an anxiety medication – Phenibut has been used for treating stutters, insomnia, vestibular disorders, depression, post-traumatic disorder, and irregular heartbeat. As a synthetic version Gama-aminobutyric acid, it induces calmness, relaxation. It also reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. The medication is widely used in Russia.

The drug was first introduced in Russia in the year 1963 to treat young patients undergoing psychiatric treatment. The drug – Phenigamma – at the time, was widely used. The drug was changed to Phenibut in the year 1975. It was administered widely due to its mentally stimulating and calming effects. Currently, it is now extensively used as an exercise recovery booster, sleeping aid, and mood enhancer.

As a nootropic, It is used to reduce tension and boost intelligence. Users of this nootropic have shown considerable improvements in social relationships and academics.

Availability of Phenibut

It is available in many e-commerce sites and are sold as a supplement or nootropic. However, it’s advisable to purchase the medication in powder form to save money.  

Dosage for Teen Males

For teen males who are 20 years of age (or below), it is recommended to administer 1.2 to 1.5 grams of Phenibut. For best results, consume anywhere from  1.2g to 1.5 g of Phenibut per dose thrice daily for best results.  

Dosage for Teen Females

For women who are 20 years of age (or below), it is recommended to consume 0.7 to 0.8 grams of Phenibut per dose thrice daily for best results.

How to Consume Phenibut?

The drug can be ingested in powder, crystal or capsule form. It is better to consume the drug in capsule form to curb the sour taste seen in powdered and crystal versions.

Alternatively, you can dissolve the powder form of It in a sweet liquid like citrus beverage and drink. However, avoid consuming it with grapefruit. The most preferred method is to consume Phenibut with orange juice.

Effects are immediate and will last for several hours.  It is advised to consume this drug two hours before any social event or impending stressful situationsfor best results. However, you should not consume excessive amounts of Phenibut. 

Stress and Anxiety

To get relief from stress, it is advised to consume 250mg to 500 mg of Phenibut. You need to consume this drug for anxiety treatment when you’re fully awake.

Bedtime Dosage

It is suggested to consume 500 mg of Phenibut two hours before going to bed.

High Dosage and Side Effects

High dosage consumption isn’t advisable since it could lead to restless sleep or discomfort. The drug can be adjusted according to one’s preferences. To prevent side effects like stomach discomfort, headache, light-headedness, nausea, and fatigue, It should be consumed in low to moderate doses or as previously indicated.

It has offered cognitive benefits while safeguarding the neurons and brain from some forms of brain damage. Many have found the drug beneficial in reducing stress and does a tremendous job safeguarding neurons in the brain.


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